My first Ultramarathon

This is the classic Bulgarian ultramarathon, the Vitosha 100k. The course (D+, two qualifying points for UTMB) is a relatively fast and runnable loop, but the cumulative elevation gain of about 2,000 meters (about 6,500 feet) is just enough to test your hill legs. Things could hardly be simpler, logistics-wise, with the start/finish line located just a short drive away from Sofia Airport and accessible through public transportation. And if you like a nice, long warm-up, you can race the course by mountain bike during the day, rest for a few hours, and run the race starting at midnight. 

  • Here is my running track of this adventure.
  • Here are official results

With my wife:)

Pictures made my friend Stoyan  Atanasov, 10x bro.

My T-shirt:)

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